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Jordan & Alexis – Engagement Session

They have the sweetest love, the kind that is so easy to capture. The way Jordan looked at Alexis, the way they spoke to one another. These sessions are my favorites, because that’s what I’m here for. To photograph love. I was so thankful for the beautiful summer light that surrounded them that evening, it added a softness that complimented them perfectly. Gosh, I miss summer already.

Hair & Makeup: Blush and Coco 

Black & White Imagery – Calgary Wedding Photographer

In case you didn’t know, I really love black and white images. I believe that some photographs are just supposed to be black and white – the absence of color gives them something. Sometimes that certain “something” is meaning, or focus, or detail. Sometimes it’s just about simplicity, black and white images can help draw your eyes to what’s most important.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the last 4 months… about where I want to take my business, what aesthetic fits my style and my direction the best, etcetera etcetera. One aspect I found myself questioning was my black and white edits. There are so many decisions we make as business owners, and our editing choices are some of the most important ones. I reached out to friends, family and past clients, and found a lot of encouragement to pursue the new b&w look. I believe it has a more fine art feel to it, it shows detail better than before, and I love the timelessness to it. I am excited to share all of the other changes I am making to my business, and will be announcing it all come June! But for now, it’s been a while since I shared a blog post, and I wanted to share this change with you! I had a lot of fun (yes, fun, I actually enjoy editing for the most part) working on these new black and white images from the last few years, and it feels good to be back on the blog too!

I would love to hear your thoughts! Happy Spring everyone! Here’s to the season of new life and new beginnings.


Kaitlyn & Brent – Phoenix Engagement Session – Phoenix Wedding Photographer

When Kaitlyn & Brent approached me about the possibility of doing their engagement session in the beautiful Arizona desert, I was so excited. What began as an idea turned into many conversations back and fourth about outfits, location, and ultimately, my trip to Phoenix and Southern California! Kaitlyn is in the wedding industry herself, so she knew exactly how to style her session, with flowy tops, a pretty skirt, and a gorgeous floral crown she put together herself! I was thankful for the bright day and the stunning evening light, and when Kaitlyn emailed me after seeing the photos, she expressed that they had turned out even better than she had anticipated! I’m so grateful for my amazing clients who trust me enough to have me travel around the continent (and hopefully one day the world) to capture their special moments. I have the best job in the world!

Diana & Nic – Winter Engagement Session – Canmore Wedding Photographer

I’m not sure I’ve ever photographed a more snow filled session than this one right here. As we started Diana & Nic’s engagement session, it was an average winter day in the mountains. The snow on the trees and underneath their feet looked so perfect, and the session was too pretty to be true! As we drove to our next location, my jaw dropped. It was almost snow-storming. Thankfully, D & N were such great sports, as well as Sean who accompanied me and held an umbrella over the damp (but smiling!) couple in the off moments. Even though the end of the session was challenging to say the least, these photos ended up being some of my favorite engagement captures of my career! Thank you D & N for being the sweet, ridiculously in love couple you are, and for trusting me to capture your happy moments in a near-blizzard!


Beach Anniversary Session – San Diego Wedding Photographer

I LOVE San Diego, I have since I stepped off the airplane and into the warmth a few years back when I visited for a workshop. Ever since that trip last Spring, I’ve wanted to go back and capture another session on the beach… and lucky me, it worked out perfectly. I found Steph via Instagram (creepy, but paid off, so whatever!) She’s a gorgeous, down to earth, all-around-awesome blogger, and I couldn’t wait to capture her and her sweet little family in a natural session by the ocean. Steph and Bryant recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary, and they’re the sweetest couple, not to mention easy on the eyes! A few years ago they welcomed their beautiful blonde baby girl Reagan and although she was feeling under the weather, she joined us for a few shots to capture the whole family. Thanks to Sean, my amazing boyfriend, for cuddling with her and keeping her company on the sidelines when she wasn’t so up to being a part of the shoot.

My favorite part of the session, other than that beautiful California light, was the way Bryant and Steph smile at each other. The way their eyes just light up, and when they would get close,  I felt that they gave me a real glimpse into the love they have for each other. I imagine marriage isn’t perfect, and neither is parenthood, but these two were like newlyweds again having some “them time” when the camera was on. They truly enjoyed the session as much as I did, and we all left with huge smiles and new friends.

A special thank you to Bekah Anne Jewelry for lending us the beautiful earrings and bracelet for the beach shoot – it looked so gorgeous!CalgaryWeddingPhotographer_SanDiegoWeddingPhotographer005CalgaryWeddingPhotographer_SanDiegoWeddingPhotographer017