I’m Kristyn, and I really, really love what I do.

Nearly seven years ago, my life changed when I fell in love with wedding photography. I had just photographed the beautiful, heartfelt wedding day of a couple who had been crazy about each other since high school. As I went through the photos the next day, smiling and reminscing on the wonderful moments from the day before, I knew that I had to do this again and again. Here I am, somewhere around 120 weddings later, still completely captivated by photographing love. I'm also crazy in love myself, I married my best friend in August 2018, and our relationship inspires me every day to connect with couples who feel the same way. Fun fact: we have a 1 year old pup named Millie, who brings me joy every day and makes my home office a brighter place to be. Cute dog photos are always encouraged around here. 

Every time I'm asked what I do, my face lights up as I say "I'm a wedding photographer!" I feel so fortunate to photograph love for a living. I photograph the happy tears, the laughter, the stolen glances. I photograph the groom as he takes a deep breath when he sees the bride for the first time. I photograph the bride on the day when her inner and outer beauty shine the brightest. I photograph your loved ones as they celebrate what this day stands for. This is your wedding day. And no matter the weather, the guest count, the little bumps along the way, it'll be unique, meaningful and a special chapter of your story together. I strive to capture the emotions and rawness of your day and combine that with my desire to create aesthetically beautiful imagery. If you think that sounds like a winning combination, I would love nothing more than to hear from you.

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